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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

And your American Idol is...

George Michael!!

Oh wait, he's British

And old(ish)

And so NOT the steamy hot sexpot he used to be.

Then..... le pant!

And Now... ack!

Oh Georgie.. what happened to you. It may date me, but how I miss the days you wore tight white shorts and hair with a wave that many a surfer wanted to ride....

No seriously, the battle of the Davids has come to its end. David Cook - rocker with a classically trained background vs David Archuleta - boy wonder who overcame vocal paralysis.

I personally think Archuleta would have been the better Idol. He fits the American Idol ideal better. Sweet, wholesome, cute, with the voice of an angel.

I think David Cook would have been better off not winning, then he could have followed the path of Daughtry and started off doing his own thing. Now he'll be stuck singing pop songs for a year until his gig representing Idol is up.

Both are incredibly talented though and I have to agree with Simon in saying that this year which ever won deserved it.

I just wonder if next years show will be able to round up the talent this season had.

If they'd only raise the age limit a few years so I could try out. I'm no Kelly Clarkson but I can carry a pretty decent tune lol

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