Sunday, June 24, 2007

Phaze1 Breakdance Battle - April '07

Breaker 2 is my little brother Anthony aka SwifRocka.

Emergency Response Team - I DID IT!!!!

I did it!!! What did I do you ask? I completed the main test to become a member of the South Alabama AmeriCorps Emergency Response Team (ERT). What was the test you ask? Walking 3 miles, carrying a 45lb backpack, within 45 mins time. Oh that's easy you say... ya RIGHT!! That's what I said the first time we all tried it.. HA! As of right now there are 4 official members of the S. AL ERT, myself, Venicia (Nicci), Monika and Ethan, who is the team leader. Well 2 weeks ago we all met at a school track with El Williams (program director) to do this pack test. 3 miles.. 45 mins.. cake!.. Not so much cake... Ethan was the only person of the 4 that made it the first try.. and Monika had just finished backpacking across the US.. superfit.. guess what.. nope.. didn't make the time. So with Ethan as the new team leader we met a few days the next week for training.. to take the test again.. Monika went ahead and took the test the 2nd day we were training and passed... Venicia and I.. well we wanted to build up our strength a bit more.. and our courage! Well we all met at the track again today and Venicia and I, with Ethan and Monika cheering us on.. retook the test.. and PASSED!!!! WOO HOOO YAYYY US.

So what will I be doing on this South Alabama AmeriCorps Emergency Response Team you ask? Well responding to disasters across the 48 states. ANY disaster, ANY time, ANY where.. Those forest fires in Georgia that you just heard about on the news? If the team had been assembled in time.. we'd have been there. That town in Kansas that a tornado just wiped off the map? We'd have been there. Hurricane on the coast? We'll be there. Earthquake in Cali? We'll be there. Serving as a first response team, clearing roads, stablizing citizens and preparing the way for long term recovery groups, troops, volunteers and other emergency personnel.

The next step in our training is called The Quest... they're going to take the team (us) and drop us off in the middle of the wilderness. With only minimal necessities and sleeping bags (no tents) We have 2 days, using only a compass and the sun/moon to find our way out! We'll spend an entire day hiking, then camp out overnight.. (again NO TENT!) in the middle of the woods, then hike the rest of the way out the following day. The purpose of this is not only to test our survival skills, but also to act as a team building activity. PRAY FOR ME! lol... nah.. just kidding I'm not worried.. ok maybe I'm not kidding.. it never hurts to have someone praying for you!!

On another note.. yet still related.. we're still recruiting members!!! There are several who have applied and a few who are in the interview process, but we need 20 members to complete the team. So if serving others in time of need is something you're into, working in sparse and often rugged conditions sounds good to you, earning a $4,725 education award (at the end of the one year term) that can be used to take college classes, technical classes or pay off an existing student loan sounds like a plan.. then hit me up for more information!! It will be an experience you will never forget!!!!

If you want to check out the Volunteer Mobile website, see what the program is about and maybe fill out an application you can go to Volunteer Mobile, ERT

The Team!!

Venicia, Monika, Me, Ethan