Tuesday, August 14, 2012

You ARE Worthy...

This is something I've dealth with often through out my life - questioning my self worth.

Am I worthy of love? Worthy of success? Worthy of happiness?

Regardless of our current state of mind - the answer has always been and will always be a resounding YES.

We, well most of us anyway, are brought up being taught that we are children of God - created in His image and likeness and unworthy of His love - 'but' that He loved us so much anyway He sent His son to 'save' us.

Though I believed that lie most of my life I am thankful to have seen the light of God's truth and the truth of His love... We ARE worthy for no other reason than we are His.. we don't have to do anything to deserve love.. from God or anyone else and the only 'saving' we need is from the absense of His love and presense in our lives.

Jesus came to teach us that we could know God in an intimate and personal way... NOT to free us from a life of 'sin' but rather from a life of darkness..from an absense of the knowledge of God in our lives.

I am worthy...

YOU are worthy...

We ALL are worthy... just because

**An excert from DailyOm.com

August 10, 2012
Accepting Our Calling
by Madisyn Taylor

Our worth of being on the planet at this time cannot be judged as we are all worthy and essential to being here now. The issue of worthiness may come up in many areas of our lives, as we ask, often unconsciously, whether we are worthy of success, love, happiness, and countless other things, from supportive relationships to a beautiful home. In the end, though, it all comes down to one thing: our willingness to claim our space in this life as humans on this planet at this time. When we accept our divinity, we no longer question whether we are worthy, because we know that we are meant to be here to fulfill a particular purpose, a purpose that no one other than us can fulfill.

There are no replacements who can take over and live our lives for us, no other person who has had the experiences we have had, who has access to the same resources and relationships, who carries the same message to share with the world. Our purpose may be large or small, and in most cases it is multi-leveled, with important actions taking place on the interpersonal level, as well as in terms of the work we do in the world. Small acts of kindness share the stage with large acts of sacrifice, and only through accepting and honoring our divinity can we know what we are called to do and when.

Ultimately, we are all equally, exactly, completely worthy of being here in this life. Moreover, we are all essential to the unfolding plan of which we are each one small, but important, part. If we suffer from low self worth, it is because we have lost track of understanding this truth, and allowing it to guide our actions in the world. Seeing ourselves as part of something larger, as beings called to serve, is the ultimate cure for feelings of unworthiness. In the end, it’s not about evaluating ourselves as worthy or unworthy, so much as it’s about accepting that we have been called here to serve and taking the steps required to listen and respond to what our lives are asking us to do.