Thursday, January 05, 2006

Internet Nimwits

First off I want to say that it's more than a little creepy that people will search for hours online through profiles for hours to find a possible date and for no apparent reason think that you're just sitting online waiting for them to message you. I have my aol messenger set to block EVERYONE but my family who are the only people on my buddy list. They live across country and instant messaging is soooo much cheaper than the phone.

Then when the messenger doesn't work they go to the next option... email and you get something like this...

"Hey sexy, you wanna get to know me, let's talk"
to which you reply with
"I do? Are you sure about that?"

Mr. "Im a stud because I try to pick up chics online" doesn't get the hint and is oblivious when they get the little popup.. "this person has blocked you from sending instant messages".. do they really think hunting down an alternate email you have is going to make a better impression?? Or that you're reallllly going to be turned on when they say crap like "I have nudes.. wanna see?" "No thanks, I'm not interested in your porn", you reply. "It's not porn, just naked pics of my d*ck" the gray matter challenged replies.

So after you've politely, then not so politely declined... the genius sends them anyway. So when you realize that subtlety isn't going to cut it you tell Mr. OhSoNOTSexy. "Thanks but no thanks, I'm still not interested in getting to know you" He actually comes back with a truely shocked "Well why not?!" As I wonder why I don't just block him, (still trying to be nice here) I ask him, "Do you want the honest answer or the politically correct one?". Of course he says both...ok well..

"Honest is - I don't find you the least bit attractive"
"Politically correct is - I am not interested in persuing internet relationships"

Can anyone guess what the response is.. come on I bet you can if you try just a little bit.. Girls I KNOW you know what came next lol....

"Well you're not that attractive anyway"

Then why on God's green earth DID YOU MESSAGE ME TO BEGIN WITH???

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