Monday, March 23, 2009

Welcome to Yoville

Have you ever played The SimsTM?

I got into it briefly several years ago and thought it was a pretty cool game, addicting, but after a while it got a little too detail intensive and wasn't quite as fun anymore. You had to make sure your avatar went to the bathroom or he/she'd pee on herself. You had to make sure they ate, or they'd pass out, take out the trash, or flies would infest their apartment, make it to the curb in time for their ride to work or they'd lose their job; it just got too busy.

Yoville is a game I came across on Facebook, you can play it on Myspace as well. Yoville is like a less detailed, more relaxed version of The SimsTM. The town of Yoville has a fashion store, Yoville Depot, Furniture store, Deli, Coffee shop, Gift store, beach, speedway and more.

To start the game you create your avatar - a mini you. This is your character for the game. You pick their face shape, skin tone, hair color and style, eyes, lips.. you get the idea. Then you head over to the fashion store and buy some clothes to dress yourself.

I've been playing for a while and don't remember how much (if any) Yoville coins you start the game with but similarly to The Sims, you do have to go to work and make money in order to enhance your 'life' in the game. You can check in at the Factory every 6 hours and how many 'employees' you have determines what your pay is. The more friends you recruit and 'hire' the more money you make. You can also make money by visiting friends homes and completing activities with them, by going to the speedway and winning races, by playing games with friends and by going to the casino. Of course, just like a real casino you can lose $$ at this one too.

Once you've racked up some Yoville coins you head over to the Yodepot to pick out floor and wall coverings, doors, windows, bathroom and kitchen appliances for your pad. Then you stop by the furniture store to decorate your rooms. You can edit your room any way you want, move windows from wall to wall and switch out furniture when you want a new look. Yoville stores are always getting in new merchandise so you can decorate and redecorate to your heart's content! Like my living room?

Get tired of living in an apartment? Once you've saved up enough $$ you visit the Yoville realtor and upgrade. Just remember, the bigger your place, the more rooms to furnish!

Whether you live in a trailer, an apartment or a monstrous Gothic Mansion, make sure you decorate your place with style - as other Yoville residents often stop by and rate your rooms.

So if you're on Myspace or Facebook take a trip to Yoville and maybe I'll see you there!

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