Thursday, May 21, 2009

Allow me to introduce.....

My new niece
Paisley Grace Langston

(and her big sister Marley)
Born May 7, 2009
Wt: 7lb 2oz Ht: 20in

At 4:30am on Thursday morning my phone rings and my sister tells me she's on her way to the hospital. I tell her to call me back when she knows if they're going to keep her and I'll be on my way. It's right at an hour drive from Mobile, AL to Gulfport, MS so I figured I'd have time to make it before Paisley made her introduction.

By 6am I hadn't heard anything and neither my sister nor her husband were answer their phones so I called my mom and found out that they were keeping her and she was indeed in labor. I would have made it in time for the actual birth but I was going to be gone for 3 days and didn't want to leave without saying bye to Matthew. Unfortunately, once the On-Air light goes on at 5am he's stuck in the news room until 8, so I waited until he could come out to say bye before leaving.

I was about fifteen minutes away when my mom called back to tell me we had a baby! Well my sister had a baby, but she belongs to all of us you know.

I lived in Michigan when my niece Marley was born so I wasn't able to be there for her birth. I came to visit when she was three weeks old and fell in love. She is responsible for my relocation back to a southern state. I miss Michigan, but I wouldn't trade the time I get to spend with her for the world.

I won't make this long since I'm sure I'll be blogging about Miss Paisley many times in the future, but I will say that like her big sister she is beautiful and was incredibly alert just hours after birth. She also is going to have the best, most loving, protective big sister of any little girl on the planet.

Marley was in sergeant mode from the minute they brought Paisley in, telling people when (IF) they could hold "her" baby and making sure to let them know when their time was up because "her wants her big sister now".

Oh - and you know how people always say "Kids say the darnedest things!"?

Shortly after they brought Paisley into the room a nursing coach came in to talk to my sister and see if she had any questions about breast feeding. Marley was sitting in the rocking chair right next to the hospital bed and as my sister begins to prop Paisley up to feed her Marley says....

"The baby says - Give me that boobie momma!"

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Catherinette Singleton said...

Love, love, love her name! Very original and very pretty.