Saturday, January 02, 2010

Good things are a'comin

Today is January 2nd, 3 months since I was laid off from my job and I am for all intents and purposes still unemployed. The despair of being without a job is waning though. After submitting my resume to quite literally 100 plus job postings, I finally got offered a job. I'm just not due to start work until January 11th. Direct hire this time - no more temp gigs. Woohoo!

January 11th is also the day classes begin for the 2010 Spring Semester at University of South Alabama - where I have transferred and will be attending until completion of my degree. This change is the first major action I took to accomplish one of my major new goals - which is to get a degree in something I actually enjoy doing and can make a career of and work for myself doing.

I didn't spend my first post of the new year listing out all the things I planned on doing in 2010 so I'll cover a few of them now.

In no particular order:

Goal 1 is to stop drinking pop. When I moved to Michigan I stopped drinking pop and went almost 4 years without so much as a single Coke. Then I moved back south and well... It's time to kick that habit though once and for all.

Goal 2 is to exercise at least 15 minutes a day - Every Single Day. I know 15 minutes might seem minuscule but I've learned the hard way that setting up big goals is a sure fire way to pretty much guarantee failure - so this year I'm doing things right - baby steps people...

Goal 3 is to go 365 days without eating fast food. The only exception I'm allowing is Subway - even though you get it quickly, I'm not sure a deli sandwich can be lumped in with McDonald's or Taco Bell.

Goal 4 is to smile and laugh at least once Each Day. That may seem like a no brainer but sometimes stress can be a big fat downer and 2 or 3 days will go by and you realize you've not so much as cracked a grin in almost a week. Laughing releases endorphins - endorphins make you feel happy - ergo laughing is good. And I don't know about you but I've never seen anyone laugh without smiling as well.

Goal 5 is to create a vision board. I know several people who've made them and the idea is that having a constant visual of where you want your life to go helps facilitate your desire to actually take action to make sure you get there.

Goal 6 is to see possibility in every situation. This one may be a little hard sometimes. Trying to picture something good coming out of say - having a major repair on your car when you're unemployed and unemployment doesn't come close to paying the bills can seem pretty daunting, but that exact thing just happened to me and something positive did indeed come from it. And let me tell you - believing something good would come out of that from the beginning of the situation would have definitely changed the way I reacted and handled it.

Goal 7 is to let my family know how much I love them. The relationship between my family and I has, for the last several years, been somewhat stressed. A culmination of past events, hurt feelings, old grudges, difference of opinions and life styles have stretched the thin connection I have to my family even tighter and although many of those things may never change I'm tired of feeling like I'm on eggshells around them. We may never see eye to eye but we are family and maybe I'm getting soft in my old age but that's starting to mean something.

So those are some of the main goals I have for my life in 2010. Last year I would have had to list just one more to end on an even number, but being anal retentive and OCD is something I'm trying to make a little less of a priority this year.

Oh! I've also signed back up with
Nablopomo this year so for January, at least, I've a goal to blog every day. So far So Good!!

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