Sunday, January 03, 2010

Three's Company Too

Not a lot to report today.... still sick. I've had a sinus/upper respiratory infection since the day after Christmas and it doesn't appear to be going anywhere. I still got in my 15 minutes of exercise though. I focused on strength training which burned my muscles like heck but didn't put any strain on the breathing - which has been rather difficult thanks to the gobs of snot clogging up my face.

OH! There is some news.. Our new roommate moved in today. My old roommate lived here for just under a year and ended up moving for work. He only ended up being able to give two weeks notice though, which meant in addition to the drastic reduction of income from being laid off, I was also going to lose the $300 a month I got from him for rent.... just before rent was due. Thank God for though. I've found my last 4 roommates from that site and only 1 turned out to be a bad egg.

The new roomie is a girl, which I'm not 100% thrilled about but she's young and far from home so I have a feeling I'll end up taking more of a big sister frame of mind than an 'Oh God, girls are so annoying!' one. Here's hoping anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Getting in exercise when sick is really good. Keep drinking the OJ as well. It does the body wonders. Hope you feel better soon.

Pokagon Member said...

bohzo (hello)

I have many of the same problems, I love my cat and he might be one of the problems. (male Siamese)

Megwetch (Thank You) for sharing your blog.