Monday, January 07, 2008

Coincidence or more?

Have you ever had a repetitive dream about someone? Maybe an old friend, a new friend, or family member? Was it someone you talked to regularly or someone you'd lost touch with?

I rarely have dreams about people I know. Every once in a while I'll have one random dream about an old friend from school, but it's very rare and always only happens once. I usually take it to mean I should contact that person - if for nothing else than to make contact & see how they are.

For a little over 4 years I've been dreaming - repetitively about a guy I went to school with. I'll call him "George". I was good friends with him and his brother and like most of the people I went to school with, lost touch after I graduated. It's never the same dream, it's not one of "those" kinds of dreams lol, nothing sexual or perverse. Just dreams.

The last time I had talked to "George" was I think in 2000, I was in town visiting and stopped by his house. He gave me his # and I think we may have talked a few times on the phone but then lost contact again. Over the past several years there have been many things and times when something random would remind me of him. In high school his family had a dog named Jacobi. Jacobi liked me... a lot lol. Well one day last year, I'd had several dreams about him, I was flipping channels and came across a show on MTV called Scarred. It's video clips of people getting into accidents - gruesome, bloody accidents from bike or skateboard stunts usually. I never watch MTV, literally never, most of what they show is garbage - but I love gore lol so I stopped on the channel to watch the show. Guess what the host's of the show name was?.. Jacobi. I'd never heard that name before my friends dog, and hadn't ever heard it since.

I'd tried several times to get in contact with "George". The numbers he'd given me 7 years ago no longer worked and no one I knew from school still talked to him. And the dreams continued.

Well last week, another old friend from high school and I ended up in contact after a few years via MySpace. I'll call this one "Bob". We sent a few messages back and forth and one night last week I had a dream.. with Bob in it.. in the dream.. Bob.. was taking me to see George, who I've been dreaming about for years. Odd. To my knowledge they didn't even know each other. Well the friend I'd been chatting with on MySpace and I used to hang out alot with a friend who I keep in contact with about once or twice a year. We'll call this friend "Tom". Talking to Bob got me thinking that I hadn't talked to Tom since last year so I decided to give him a call.

I didn't think he did, but I asked Tom if he remembered George from school, and I explained that I'd been dreaming about him etc. Tom says - I just talked to him 3 days ago - want his number? What are the odds.. I mean really, what are the odds that I get back in contact with an old friend, who reminds me that I hadn't talked to another old friend in a while, then that that old friend just happened to have recently talked to the friend I've been dreaming about and trying to get in contact with for 4 years?!? And not only recently talked to him, but had his phone number.

So I called George and we chatted for a while, I very anxiously told him about how I'd been dreaming about him for years and assured him that the dreams were not uhh sexual in nature lol. I had an overwhelming fear that George would get all weirded out and say uhh ok.. that's nice gotta go! He didn't. Not even a little.

Why am I wondering what all this means, you may be asking. Well let me explain the nature of most of the dreams I have about George...Well first let me tell you a bit about George himself. If I had to describe my dream guy - well.. he's it. Smart, funny, compassionate, sarcastic, genuine.. he has a smile that literally lights up a room and eyes so incredibly blue you could literally drown in them. We've never been anything but friends, good friends, but just friends. Other than thinking he was an all around terrific guy I never thought about him in any kind of romantic or relationship kinda way. Now about my dreams.

There's only one way that comes to mind when I try to describe how the dreams feel and I'm not sure it makes sense but it's the only description I can come up with that works. When I dream about George he feels like Home to me. Not like visiting your parents and feeling that the place where you grew up was home. But like - when you think about love and how you feel about the person you want to spend your life with and how you want to feel when you look at them kind of home. Like in the arms of that person everything - everything is just - right. Safe, happy, peaceful, content, perfect - Home. In my dreams George is - Home.

In the dream I had last week, Bob and I were walking down the hallway of my old high school. I asked Bob where we were going and he just says - He'll be here in a minute. I'm like uh ok, thinking who?. Bob walks off and I keep going and around the corner waiting is.. George. I walk up to him, he hugs me and I feel... Home.

Don't ask me to explain it - I truly wish I could - I'm at a total loss. I've never been someone who tried to read too deeply into dreams. Once in a while I'll have one that I can tell immediately is very symbolic of something that is happening or has happened in my life -and the dream is a way of helping me deal or understand that. Those dreams are usually pretty easy to understand and interpret. But for the most part my dreams are just random. I mean I've dreamed episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dawson's Creek for crying out loud lol. Ya I watched both shows religiously. I can admit it - lol I'm not ashamed.

But George is the ONLY person I've ever dreamed about more than once and his dreams are the the only dreams that have had a consistent theme to them.

My little brother lives not far from George and I'd planned to spend the weekend with my brother in a few weeks to visit. George suggested we get together, do something, just hang out & who knows. That he wasn't freaked out about what I told him - I don't know how I feel about that, or that he suggested getting together. He's not looking for a relationship - he said as much. He also said he knew that a relationship wasn't what I was asking for or why I'd told him about my dreams, he just wanted me to know where he was in life. His MySpace heading says "Waiting".. that's it.

I know he makes me smile & I could look at him for ever and never tire of it. I know everything has a reason and a purpose to it - although I have no idea what it could be (ok maybe I have a hope, but I'm not trying to read too much into anything). But other than that.. I have no idea.

If anyone happens to be fairly adept and accurate at interpreting things like this I'd love your feedback.

Until then...

I'll see you in my dreams
Mollie =)

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