Thursday, January 24, 2008

In Your Own Way

I posted a bulletin on myspace this morning of a video I found while browsing blogs that I thought was really cool.. Although I'd watched the video I had the volume off on my computer so I didn't realize there was a song playing in the background..

A friend messaged me to thank me for posting the video - said it touched him.. and asked about the song. So I watched it again.. listening this time.

I'm not sure which touched me more.. the video or the song... the song.. it seems to so perfectly describe something that someone I care deeply about is currently going through.. so to the friend who thanked me for the video.. thank YOU.. if you hadn't asked I'd have missed the song.

Here is the song and lyrics... below the lyrics is the above mentioned video.

I dedicate this to the special man in my life...
You'll find your way through this.. and I love you

In Your Own Way ~ Caleb Kane

Tear out your hair if you can’t bare anymore
It’s the same as yesterday it stays around
Locks the door
See, now here is the fear
That you live with every year
And you wonder if you’ll make it out alive

A change’ll do
A change of scenery’ll free you
But there’s never one way to roll
So find a way to take a picture of a moment
That you know you can’t control

And take a minute to reflect in your own way
Take your time and connect in your own way
I know it’s good to be alone some days
But you got a long face in your own way, baby
I know you got a big heart in your own way
Independent and smart in your own way
And even though you get along somehow
You’re missing out now in your own way, baby

Straight from the gate
You were told not to relate
Or reveal the feelings that could only more complicate
You turned to stone just to feel
Somehow permanent & real
And you hate all those who’d ever dare remind
A lotta little things are coming into focus
And you hope you don’t see ‘em all
A matter of a certain better situation
Lean your weight against the wall


Am I the same as you to a degree?
You stay to wave me through, you make me free
Are we the last ones, then, to see that place,
and when I fall down on my face am I home?


The Video

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Anonymous said...

ty for posting that with the lyrics and mentioning me!!!!!! i feel so special!!!!!! and i hope your special friend gets through whatever it is but, i imagine with you by his side, he won't be able to good!