Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Say Hello to My Little Friend

This my dear people is my little friend.. These beautiful one inch square bites of rich delectable bitter sweet dark chocolate are not only my friend.. they are my salvation...They are the things of which poetry is written, sonets are sung, rainbows are created...

Not only are they a mouth watering slice of heaven.. they bring wisdom and insight!!

I jest you not! The Proof lies below...

No Truer Words Have Ever Been Spoken!

Is it now? Do you Promise??

Ahhh if I'd only read THIS ONE
before I read the LAST ONE.
I wouldn't need the NEXT ONE!

So much easier said than done..
Don't you agree?

What other creation offers so much.. while asking so little in return??

~Stuck in a job you hate because you're the only female in an office of 3.. the other 2 occupants being 2 men so overly stuffed with testosterone you struggle not to choke on it??

Have a Chocolate

~Roommate tells you she's moving out in 2 weeks because she's getting back with her husband. You can't afford rent by yourself and have no prospects in sight for a replacement roomie??

Have a Chocolate

~After 4 plus years of self imposed solitary confinement (because boys are stupid) you finally take a leap of faith & play nice with a boy, who's everything you ever dreamed of & could easily and joyfully see yourself bearing his children.. only to have it all fall apart because HE has more issues with the nice nice than YOU do?? (I was right.. boys ARE stupid)

Have a Chocolate

~Stuff yourself so full of Taco Bell that you swear you'll projectile vomit a chihuahua because you tried to drown your shattered heart and the loss of everything yo quiero in refried beans and red sauce?

Wait 3 Hours.. Then Have a Chocolate

And guess what.. a serving size.. is FIVE GLORIOUS PIECES!!!

That's five catastrophies, stresses, hurts, angers and general crappiness a day that can all be made better in one sumptuous little piece of nirvana.

Ok maybe they don't make everything really BETTER, but man.. for those few almost orgasmic minutes.. while the bitter sweet richness is slowly melting on your tongue..... you have a moment of hope that everything just might be ok..

1 People who coughed on a furball:

Ted and Lori said...

You're funny, Mollie. I'm not a huge fan of chocolate (I like it and all, but if I never had it again, I'd not really miss it), but I do really enjoy these Dove dark chocolate squares. Too bad their bits of wisdom in each one seem to contradict each other a lot of the time, no?
(ooh! And step away from the Taco Bell! Go read what's IN that stuff in Fast Food Nation!)