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Thursday, January 22, 2009

And then there were none...

You may notice something different about my blog today. You may notice there is something missing over there on the left side.

My sweet Bella has found a new home. It was a hard decision and one that made me sad, but it was best for us both.

Bella needed a lot of exercise and I just didn't have the time to give it to her. She needed a lot of love and while I had plenty of that - again lack of time was a problem. I work full time, go to school full time and am fairly active in my church, so that left a lot of time where Bella was sitting at home alone in my apartment and it just wasn't fair to her.

And her eating my furniture wasn't fair to me....

Couch eating puppies go to puppy jail.

I'm happy to say with some help from Hobby Lobby and a bit of skill with a staple gun and some needle and thread sofa has been returned to new(ish).

But that was the final straw - the couch wasn't the first thing she'd eaten. I have a nice whole in the sheetrock in my dining room wall that's calling for my skill with spackling thanks to her as well.

So last Saturday we loaded up all of her toys, beds and other stuff in the car and took a drive to Gulf Breeze, FL to meet her new dad. A guy my mom met on OKC has adopted her. He used to raise pits has a boy puppy now that he'd like to breed. Bella is a beautiful pup so I've no doubt she'll make pretty puppies.

He also has a big yard for her to run in and kids that will play with her until she can't play anymore. His little girl came with him to meet me to pick Bella up and they just loved each other instantly so I know she'll be much happier in her new home.

I called the next afternoon to see how she did with the transition and he said she whined a little at bedtime, but he put her bed in his room on the floor and after a while she went right to sleep. He said that she'd ran and played in the back yard for hours and had a grand time so all is well.

Farewell my Bell - you shall be missed.

And then the 'Crazy Cat Lady' had no pets at all...

2 People who coughed on a furball:

Ella said...

poor you. i know you miss her. now you can go get a CAT!

Single Girl in the City said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about Bella and your couch. Such a hard decision to make, I'm sure she'll be happier.

Maybe an independent kitty?