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Saturday, January 10, 2009


A poem I wrote when I was 17


Too much hassle, too much strain
Too much sorrow, too much pain
Not enough time to get everything done
Not enough energy to have any fun

Bills to pay, things to buy
Too worn out out even cry
No money left, all is spent
I lay here beaten, broken and bent

Places to go, people to see
Things to do, who said life is free

They lied

In this world of an exhausting pace
Nobody wins in a wild rat race
Fun and games do not exist
Be a perfect child your parents insist

Make a bad grad and they said you failed
Commit a crime and you get nailed

To the wall

Your guilt decided by the government's judge
Who moseys on home to pig out on fudge

You're forgotten

They take you away to a cell of steel bars
Might as well bee on the planet Mars
So far way are the people who care
Everyone looks at you in a dead stare

There is no way out, why should you care
As you begin to climb down the prison stair

To hell

That's what is left, there's no one around
A faint thumping noise, your heart is found

Didn't know it existed

Guess that means I'm not dead after all
I must have taken a terrible fall

On my bike

I remember, I was pedaling along
The sun on my face, singing a song
About joy and peace, happiness and love
I look at my hand and pull off my glove

It's cut and bleeding, but there is no pain
My body is numb, or am I insane
Who knows, who cares, not I that's fur sure
Nobody shares my feeling of fear

I panic as problems reign down
Heavy as the granite stone I fell on
And cut open my head
I smiled in a daze as I lay there and bled

To death

No one missed me, or noticed I'd gone
I guess until death we are truly alone
Unless we find love, a life long soul mate
Had I found mine, life would have been great

But alas as I die, I lay here and cry
All the tears locked inside
All the pain that we hide

From each other

Let it out

Before one day soon, you suddenly find
Your life is ending, the way I lost mine


Written 5-9-94

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