Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another Guest Post You Say: Mollie must be on Holiday

Hi there, I'm LizSara and I blog over at If Music Be. Mollie told me to tell you that I'm guest blogging for her while she is (and I quote) "sunning my ass on the sand like a beached whale and can't roll my way to a computer to blog lol"

So here I am.

I met Mollie (in the same way as Lisa) through Operation Muffin Top(ple). When she asked for guest posters I jumped at the chance because OMT has been such a great expereince for all of us so far I wanted to do something for her. I'm all about spreading the blog love you know.

Anyhoodle, I was going to post about what OMT has been doing for me but you've already had one of those posts from the delectable Lisa, so instead I am going to tell you why I am the polar opposite of Mollie and why that doesn't matter because when you blog you get friends because of who you are, not what you've done in life.

See I was always a bit of a slut-in-training when I was at school. I stared smoking when I was 13 and drinking not long after. I was never off the rails, I always came home on time and never talked back to my Mum (oh yes, I say that because I'm English sorry should have mentioned that part too) and I was always at school when I was supposed to be, but my social life wasn't exactly how my family thought it was.

If Mollie was the white sheep of her family I was definitely the murky grey one of mine.

When I left home at 17 I did it because I wanted to have a greater freedom than living with my family would allow. So I moved in with a boyfriend and some friends, got engaged and then slept around the town I lived in until my relationship broke up. I spent the majority of my university years doing much the same thing, always looking for the next high.

By the time I hit 24 I was bored with that lifestyle, and wanted to settle down so I moved in with a guy who was an alcoholic, left my friends 50 miles away and tried to be a Stepford Wife.

You can guess how that turned out can't you?

Fast forward to now, I'm 31, I live alone, I have the greatest boyfriend that I don't get to se nearly enough because he lives 100 miles away, hardly any friends through total fault of my own and I am finally living the fiscally responsible, sensible life my family always wanted for me.

Do I want to break out sometimes...of course I do, you can never change your personality, only which bits of it you show to the world.

So I say, through experience; Live the life that makes you happy, not the one that makes them happy, whoever they are and you won't go far wrong. You can make friends with whomever you choose, you only need to know what they're like as a person, not have shared experiences with them...sometimes it's those people who make the worst friends.

Life is all about what you do with it, you, only you can make yourself happy

Much love


2 People who coughed on a furball:

greedygrace said...

Your boyfriend lives 100 miles away??? You must really love him! My husband lived 40 miles away when I first met him, and I considered breaking it off because I thought that was too far!

Great guest blog!

Mollie said...

Yay for blog friends! I have to say, while I'm glad that being the 'white sheep' has kept me from all the bad things that I could have gotten into, I sometimes wish I'd been more adventurous b/c now I some times have a hard time relating to people who 'lived it up' while I stayed home studying, so never regret who you are or what you've done... it's all made you the fantabulous fattie you are today! =P