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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Yesterday.... and Tomorrow

As I was catching up on my blog browsing today, (I've been lagging behind on my regular reading. Damn job keeps getting in the way!) I came across a post over at Scarlet Hip and I thought it would be neat to try it out myself.

Sometimes ten years ago seems so far away, others it seems like yesterday. So here's where the last ten years have found me, and where I hope to be in the next ten!

Ten seconds ago I was making folders for some new accounts.
Ten minutes ago I was filing some paperwork I've been putting off.
Ten hours ago I was tossing and turning in bed trying to sleep.
Ten days ago I was at home resting from spending the day before with my niece.
Ten weeks ago I was things had turned out differently with someone I care about.
Ten months ago I had just moved from MS to Mobile, AL.
Ten years ago I finally made it to college then had to withdraw after 2 semesters.

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Ten years from now I hope to be a mother and wife, living a very fulfilling life.
Ten months from now I will be on my way to being a mom by birth or adoption.
Ten weeks from now I have been religiously going to the gym for 3 months.
Ten days from now I may be moving into a new house!
Ten hours from now I will hopefully be sleeping better than I did last night.
Ten minutes from now I will be out picking up something for lunch.
Ten seconds from now I will hit publish post then head to lunch.

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