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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Livin' La Vida Broka

So with gas prices reaching an all time ridiculous high I'm seriously considering investing in a bicycle.

Sort of.

Ok maybe not really, but the thought has crossed my mind.

Although, I went and looked at a house today that I'm interested in renting and it's only 2.5 miles from my office so if I move the whole biking to work idea may just become a reality. I mean since I've been going to the gym in the morning before work anyway (which is on the way from the new house to the office) I'd just be getting in a little extra work out.

Who am I kidding.. I'm more likely to start riding the Wave again than I am riding a bicycle around here. People in Mobile can't drive worth crap. I'd be safer hanging off the wing of a 747 mid-flight than I would riding a bike on these streets.

The cheapest, and I use that work laughingly, gas in Mobile, AL is currently $3.24 a gallon, going all the way up to $3.44. Now I'm sure if you live in a big city where prices are upwards of $4.00 a gallon and more you're probably saying $3.24!! $3.24!!! I'd give my left arm for $3.24 a gallon!!!!

You probably make a heck of a lot more money too than we do down here in Alabama . Or maybe you don't and you're thinking about sucking it up and biking to work just like I am.

When I lived in Michigan, which by the way is torturing drivers with prices ranging from $3.29 in Redford to $3.89 in Romulus, I ran across this fantastic little website called GasBuddy.

I loveeeeee GasBuddy. You can type in a city and state or even narrow it down to your specific zip code, hit search and it shows you the cheapest (and most expensive) gas prices in your area. Other drivers sign up, log in and when they come across some new pricing, post it to keep other stressed out drivers in the know.

It's great if you're going out of town too. I'm going to Mississippi this weekend and I can usually find cheaper gas there than I do here in Mobile. Often if I've got at least a quarter of a tank (enough to get me there) I'll drive on over and fill up when I get there. I only do that if I'm going to MS anyway silly. I don't drive all the way over there just for cheaper gas. Although I have been known to drive a mile or 5 out of my way to save a few cents a gallon! If you have a relatively fuel efficient car a few extra miles isn't going to hurt you in the long run. Of course if you drive a gas guzzling, ozone depleting monster of a vehicle, well.. you're best off mortgaging your house at the nearest station you can find!

So, in light of the falling economy, rising gas prices and general lack of desire to ride a bicycle I thought I'd share GasBuddy with you.. my blog buddies. Make sure to create an account (it's free) and start the search for affordable (laugh) gas where ever you live!

I say log in because not only does GasBuddy show you where the good gas is, they have contest and prizes like Free Gas Cards (hellooo who couldn't use one of those!) and.. hmm maybe that's the only prize but heck that's enough for me! They also have forums where you can rant and rave about the ever increasing prize of a barrell (of oil), find info on carpooling or just chat with fellow car enthusiests. They also have a nifty Fuel LogBook where you earn points by joining, listing prices and posting in the message forum. You use the points to "purchase" entries in the contests they have for Free Gas! and other prizes.

I'm leaving you with some links to the main site and info on their contests. Click, save on gas and enjoy!!

Search for gas prices by US Zip Code

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