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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Roseanne's got a va-what?

I was browsing the fresh news over at The Superficial and came across a bit of information that should have never been allowed to be made available in any way shape or form for the public (or the private for that matter). Unfortunately it's sort like one of those "train wreck" things.. you know you should look away.. no really just look away.. but you can't. Being the sweet, kind, considerate gal that I am I thought I'd share.
Just a warning. I think I threw up in my mouth a little while watching ...


Roseanne Barr stopped by The Late Late Show to chat with Craig Ferguson. She brought up her single status and (Brace yourself) vaginal rejuvenation surgery. She now claims to have a "va-junior." Ha ha *HORF* Fortunately, no one was hurt because, as usual, only five people watched Craig Ferguson and six of them were drunk. But I felt like sharing the footage with you because, well, I really love you guys. I don't say it enough lately, so hopefully this let's you know how I truly feel. Without further ado I present for your viewing pleasure: Roseanne Barr talking about her noonerhole. Enjoy.

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