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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Say goodbye to the little white X

Have you ever... hmm let me start over and rephrase that question.

How many times have you accidently moused up to the little white X in the top right hand of a window and closed out the WRONG DANG ONE?!

If you're anything like me I tend to have several, and I mean several windows open on my computer at work at one time. I almost always have at least a few windows open to different internet sites I'm either surfing or using to place orders for work or researching information, a few windows that are running programs like Outlook, Excel and my always open iTunes.

I can't tell you how frustraing it is to accidently click what you think is the X for the window you want to close and oops.. close the one on the file you were working on and hadn't saved yet!! Maybe I dont' have to tell you, maybe you know.

Well has created this fantastic little popnavigator that saves you from ever having to click the white X again. It's an all in one desktop navigator that allows you to open and close windows, go back, forward, search, access your favorites and more from one handy little tool. It's cute too!! Look!!!

Want to hear something even more fantastic? This popnavigator is FREE. offers the popnavigator as a free download. Why you ask? Well because they have several other time saving products that they know you'll want after seeing how easy and effective the popnavigator is!

Where can you find and download this fantastic little tool you ask?

Just click for

more details.

And happy nagivating!!

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