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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mind Ripper - Chapter 1

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine You make me happy when skies are gray, You’ll never know dear, how much I love you, Please don’t take my sunshine away........

Internet love, what a ridiculous notion,
Like number 9 a magical love potion
There I was chatting in Talk City,
Name of the room, !Flirts-Mississippi!

A loud mouth chatter,
the know it all kind,
ha ha I'll give him
a piece of my mind

What started out as opinionated difference,
Resulted in conversational consistence
Mind Ripper was his name.
Talk was his game.

And yet he seemed able
to see into my soul,
How could this stranger from far away know
that deep inside I didn’t feel whole?

So on we typed about this and about that,
I found myself looking forward to his chat
Each night I would sign on hoping to see his name,
thinking sure, I could play his game

We talked of politics theories and feelings,
his thoughts more often than not left me reeling
From Internet courting to calls on the phone,
my how this "telling him off" had grown

In a very short time this relationship grew,
some of these feelings impossibly new
He is a stranger, could I possibly feel,
this love from my heart, could it be real

He made me laugh, he made me cry,
and when I didn’t, he always knew why
This ability he had to finish my sentences, so strange it seemed
Warning, careful, watch out my head screamed

From "giving him a piece of my mind" to living for the next time we spoke
Such deep emotions and thoughts he provoked
And then came the time, the next step to take,
a face to face meeting, my insides did quake

For we had spoken those three little words that mean everything,
what if he was not all that he seemed
To truly love the person inside, with no thought to looks,
was this kind of love I’d read of in books

Sure we’d swapped pictures and letters in the mail,
but was that enough, I wish I could tell
Someone anyone of these feelings I have, but they’d only laugh,
Internet love, you must have gone mad

A three-hour drive, the nervousness growing,
fear of rejection on my face was showing
There he is standing there waiting for me,
can I go forward, can I not flee

He comes toward me with a purposeful walk,
where is my tongue, why can’t I talk.
Then as if we’d known each other forever and a day,
he wraps me in his arms and I hear what I need him to say.

Welcome home, Mollie, I love you.

To make an already long story short
I thank you for reading you’ve been a good sport
May 5th will mark our anniversary, one year we’ve been together
Could I see myself without him, nope, not ever

Mind Ripper is his name,
talk is his game
And rip my mind he did, and my heart and my soul
a place that without him would not be whole

I told him once he was my angel,
come to rescue me from a world of loneliness and despair
And I know that no matter what may come,
for me he’ll always be there

I need him like the air I breathe,
for he is my sunshine come to chase the dark clouds away
And bring to my life the light of love and faith and belief in happy ever afters.

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