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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mind Ripper - Chapter 2

We spent the most glorious weekend together
Fresh in the knowledge that we had found our forever
When the time came to part
a great sadness fell on my heart

For this love was so perfect and new,
Separate myself from it, I could not do
We smiled as we said our bonne nuites (good night), for good-bye we would not say
We vowed to be strong for we knew we see each other again, another day

The drive home I don’t remember,
for the view was clouded with tears
For so long have I searched for this love,
for so many years

I walked in the door and picked up the phone,
to let him know I’d made it home
"Hello", he said. "I love you", I replied,
and to my amazement he broke down and cried

He said he felt like he was dying
his love for me was so great
He should have asked me to stay;
letting me go was a mistake

So in a feverish hurry great plans were made
to eliminate the distance between us
I packed my bags and one week from the day we met
boarded a greyhound bus.

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