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Monday, August 25, 2008

Will you please stop with the drippety drop?!

Rain Rain Go Away
Come Again Some Other Day

Preferably like in a month.. or 4!!

See how happy this fella looks?

Well that is about how fed up I am with the fricken rain.

When I first moved to Mobile in May of 2007, I kid you not, it rained Every Single Day for about 5 weeks straight. By the time I finally saw a clear blue sky I had all but given up hope of every seeing the sun again.

People think Seattle is the rainiest city in the US. Well aren't I the lucky (water logged) person to be able to tell them first hand. They're WRONG!

The following courtesy of MSNBC.

And the rainiest city in the U.S. is...
Mobile — not Seattle — ranks highest in the contiguous 48 states

America's rainiest city Mobile, Ala., has an average rainfall total of 66 inches, or 5 feet, which gives the port city the rank of No. 1. WPMI's Tessa Savoy reports.

Do you think Seattle is the rainiest city in the United States? Well, think again.

Mobile, Ala., actually topped a new list of soggiest cities in the contiguous 48 states, with more than 5 feet of rainfall annually, according to a study conducted by San Francisco-based WeatherBill, Inc.

The Southeast dominated the most rainy list, while the Pacific Northwest never enters the list until Olympia, Washington pops up at number 24.

And it seems like it's rained every day for the past 2 weeks, with another week or more of rain to come!

I think I'm not far from offering my left kidney for a few days of sunshine!

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