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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Who needs a purse?

When you can just wear pants with 17432 pockets in them!

tactical pants are a little short though..

More bang for your buck! Thats what you get with the NEW Operator Tactical Pants ™ by Operator Tactical Apparel ™. More comfort, more pockets, more maneuverability.

With over 20 years experience in law enforcement and the military, Operator Tactical Apparel knows how to make pants. After countless hours at the drawing board, customer surveys, endless piles of sample pants, and tons of revisions OTA is proud to present The Operator Tactical Pants ™.

These pants are LOADED with features. Similar pants by big name companies cost twice as much and do not have as many features as our Operator Tactical Pants ™. How can they sell these pants at such a low price?? Simple - they cut out the big name middle man and went factory-direct. And in typical OTA fashion they are passing the savings on to you.

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Ms. Florida Transplant said...

Is this a sponsored posting??