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Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's days like today.....

That I realize just how much I really enjoy living in Mobile.

These are two pictures I took from my car on the drive to work this morning.

The majority of my drive to work is on Dauphin Street and a big portion of this street somewhat resembles the scene in Rain Man where Charlie and Raymond are walking from the hospital..

The camera pans out and you see trees lined down each side of the road, so full they meet in the middle over the street. Adding to all of the exquisite foilage are mile after mile of beautiful homes.

This is a church that's about 2 blocks down from my apartment..

About 2 miles from where I live you can find Wintzel's Oyster House.. Now I'm not big on oysters but they have some fantastic seafood gumbo...

Another really cool thing Mobile has plenty of is great architecture..

This is a medical plaza I pass on my way to work

The entire surface of the building is glass. Well I imagine the roof isn't lol but you know what I mean.

This is downtown, near where I live.

The top of the really pointy building behind the statue of Mr. d'Iberville is soon to be: The Spa @ The Battle House opening September 2008. Discover a legendary Mobile, Alabama hotel and resort that captures classic Southern charm at The Battle House, A Renaissance Hotel.

The things you find when you do a little research!!!

There's a light purple..yes purple mansion on the corner where I live that has a sign hanging from the lattice work that says Mauvila Mansion.. well I live in Mauvila Court Apartments, and have frequently wondered if maybe that used to be the name of the neighborhood once upon a time. Apparently it's a Bed & Breakfast now.

This is the house... it's 266ft from my front door.

Here's a bit of it's history: Mauvila Mansion a grand stick Italianate home, was built in 1871 by Duncan Parker, a cotton merchant and early sheriff of Mobile. The house is situated on almost two acres in the midtown area of Mobile Alabama.

During its history, the mansion has seen many uses. It has been a private home, a guesthouse hosting elegant weddings, receptions and teas, and a boarding house serving family style lunch daily.

I live about a half mile from Government street (aka Hwy 90). There is a park on Gov't where I used to go sit for lunch (when I worked downtown). here is a tree in front of that park.

Here is a tree just down the street from that, at the Chamber of Commerce.

Now I don't know about you, but I'm a bit of a nature freak. I LOVE being outdoors. I am perfectly content to just sit in a park, or heck for that matter on my front steps and watch people, breathe the fresh air and feel the sun and wind on my face.

With scenery like this it's no wonder I love it here!

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How beautiful! Ugh I'm so jealous.