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Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's official....

I've become the crazy cat lady.

Well I'm about 2864 cats short from officially being a Crazy "Cat" Lady..
I'm crazy.. sometimes.. and I'm a Lady.. again sometimes but I only have 2 kitties.

My children..

Well my children until I birth or adopt real children, human children, at which point they (my cat children) will be signed up for kitty therapy and behavioral modification classes where they will be informed that they are indeed ANIMALS.. and taught to act like GASP pets.

The trama.. I know

Yes that's me underneath the covers. This is what I wake up to.. DAILY

See, just like real kids.. jumping on you at 5am wanting breakfast.

Oh... the joy

I'm starting to sound a little crazy here so I'll get to what qualifies me to have joined the the ranks of 32yr old spinsters across the nation.. (starting?? Mollie, really,, just starting to sound crazy?.. hellooo.)

Please disregard that. I normally reserve my conversations with myself for a more private time.

Fudge that's depressing!!!

OHH forget it... Just look

Is this not just THE most absolute coolest thing you have EVER SEEN!?!?

Really I mean EVERRRRR?!?! THE Coolest!!??!

I went to Wal-mart.. God I hate Wal-mart.... hate, hate, hate, hate... ok I don't "hate" anything. but I really really really dislike it a LOT! Never can you go in and just get one thing. Not possible.

They have I think subliminal messages playing when you walk in the door.
"You need moreeeeeeee stuffffffff, one thing is nottttt enoughhhhhh, must spend tooo muchhh moneyyyy"

I digress.

As I was saying, I went to Wal-mart to get cat litter. That's IT, just one bag of ground up stuff that my cats can pee in and poo in and track all over the hardwood floors in my apartment so that I have to sweep at least every other day.

And I see THIS

I'm not ashamed.. I admit it.. I stood, frozen to the spot, eyes like laser beams rooted to the box.

*note-this is not the box I bought.. it's one I found online. My camera phone decided to take a crap and not send anymore pictures tonight so I couldn't post the picture of MY box, which is in much better shape and not all crumpled at the edge like some careless heathen mongrols handled it.

Imagining how much fun & noise my cats would have with this wondrous contraption. I caved. What can I say.. I'm a good mommy. Cat mommy, Cat owner person.. whatever.

Putting the damn thing together.. well that's another story for another day.. it's too late in the evening for the angry foul language such a tale would require.

Suffice to say I was right (as if I'm ever anything else.. psh) and they love it. They are both, as I type, and probably as you later read lying in their new toy. My hopes are that they will be soooo enraptured by this new toy, (yes I'm dilusional, we've established that) that they will have this crazy desire to spend the weeeee early hours of the morning enjoying the soft comfort of it and let me sleep at least until an hour before my alarm goes off (I never manage to stay asleep until the actual time it goes off) rather than pouncing on my head at 5am.

Who's taking bets I'll have cat ass in my face tomorrow morning..

1 People who coughed on a furball:

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

your cats, are freaking adorable. I love them and wish I had some, so I didnt feel allllll retardely lonely lol. Id rather be a cat lady. lol