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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Tag... I'm it!

10 things

Once you've been tagged you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts or habits about yourself. At the end you choose ten people to be tagged, list their names, and why you chose them. Don't forget to leave a comment that says "you've been tagged!" on their profile and tell them to read your latest blog

1. I wanted to be a fighter pilot when I was a kid.. even though I was terrified of flying lol

2. I was Dusty Goff's first "girlfriend". We "went steady" for about a minute lol.. I still remember him writing I Love Mollie in the fog on the school bus windows =)

3. I used to do Jason Rogers' algebra homework in the mornings sitting in the commons before class started

4. I went by the name JoJo (my middle name is Jo) from birth until the 6th grade. When Mrs Manton called roll a boy (I think it was Michael Usry~we later became friends) laughed and said "what kind of name is that for a girl". I've been Mollie ever since... I miss being called Jo though.. I think it fits me better.

5. I lived in a shelter for domestic abuse for a week when I lived in Michigan. My ex-fiance threatened to blow up the house of the people I lived with so they kicked me out. He was full of bull, but evidently they didn't want to take the chance.

6. I found out at that time what it meant to "hit bottom". I was homeless, jobless and had no money to put gas in my car to go look for a job, but Praise God I managed to get back on my feet. At the time my family couldn't be bothered to even send me $20 for gas.. and they wonder why I'm not any closer to them than I am.

7. I learned last year that conversations with God don't have to be one sided (praying). If you open your heart to listen.. He really talks back =) and He's a pretty awesome fella

8. I ended 4+ years of celibacy a few weeks ago and now I have no idea why. He's a really great guy.. but he wasn't worth breaking the promise I'd made to myself. Now... there's nothing I can do except start over.

9. As much as I miss Michigan, I realized last week that I really enjoy living in Mobile. I live downtown in the historic district and it's simply beautiful. I walked a mile to the store and back this past weekend just because the weather was nice and I knew it would be a pleasant walk. I've never done that anywhere else I've lived.

10. To copy one of the statements from the gal who tagged me. I've come to realize that in spite of the time that's passed in between talking, I still have some pretty terrific friends.. and I am so appreciative of them.

Tagged: Lori, Karen W., Nikki, Tracy, Theresa, Randi, Karen D., Rhonda, Donna, Jennifer

Why: Because in some way, small or large, they've all had an impact on my life. =)

1 People who coughed on a furball:

Ted and Lori said...

I remember Jason Rogers! He always reminded me of a claymation character or Byork. Interesting and very honest list.
(I see why you like the walkability of Mobile so much--our neighborhood is similar, and in summer it's wonderful to just walk or bike to run errands)