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Friday, February 29, 2008


I'm in the bathroom this morning getting ready and I hear... BOOM.. CRASH... Slideeeee

Then silence.....

Now knowing my cats I wasn't overly worried about the boom, crash part. They're always getting into something. Knocking books off the shelf, opening and closing the kitchen cabinets, toppling over the garbage can to dig out that half eaten chocolate chip cookie. (I tossed it b/c it was burnt - I Never waste anything chocolate.. I promise)

It was the ensuing silence that concerned me. My cats+silence=BAD. Either they're into something they really shouldn't be.. i.e. finishing off that chocolate chip cookie, or they've injured themselves to the point of not being able to screech like well an injured cat.

I slowly and quietly tip toe around the corner of the hallway into the living room. Super Stealth is required to actually catch them in the act of doing something they shouldn't be.

And I see this....

This is where it was before....

How in the world they managed to not only tip it over, but turn it around and slide it across the floor 6 feet is beyond me. I put it back where it was and left for work.

I fully expect it to be in the bathtub when I get home.

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