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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

And she said...

Yesterday I posted about how the new neighbors who recently moved into the apartment above mine are keeping me up with acrobatic sex at all hours of the night. So I wrote them a nice note and taped it to their door last night when I got home.

See the note

This morning as I was walking out the door to work I noticed something in my mailbox.
I live in an apartment and our mailboxes look something similar to this.

Busted locks and all. There is a thin slot in the box that you can look through & usually tell if you have mail. Thinking the mail man ran very very late last night or very very early this morning I opened my box to find a note.

On the outside of the note I had written to my neighbor I wrote "Welcome to the Building!"

On the outside of the note my neighbor left me it says "And what a building it is!"

Here is what the note said:

Dear Sleep Deprived,

First and foremost I would like to thank you for the smile you put on my face after the miserable and stressful day I've had. Your ability to bring humor to such a humiliating situation must be commended. I know if I had to listen to myself have sex every night I would have kicked down my door long ago.

Secondly, I would like to offer my sincerest of apologies. I pride myself on being a polite and considerate person and I'm mortified that I've disturbed you so. You see, we've only recently gotten cable and we're not very creative people. Besides, we're still in the honeymoon stage of our relationship and before long he'll be farting in bed and I'll stop shaving my legs. We're only trying to take advantage of the fact that we still find each other attractive.

That being said, thanks for the sex tips! My boyfriend will truly enjoy the games you've inspired me to invent. Perhaps from now on we'll fantasize that we're having sex in a library, or maybe we'll play deaf mute girl and her sign language tutor. Possibly we'll try (my favorite by the way) Nun and Monk who have taken a vow of silence.

Now that you mention it, your suggested bed time isn't a bad idea. I've been quite sleep deprived myself lately and think giving the old bed springs a rest every once in a while couldn't hurt.

All joking aside though, I'm truly sorry. I'm glad you have the nerve to assert yourself and complain. I would much rather avoid you in shame then remain blissfully ignorant.

Thanks for the laugh. I'm framing your letter and hanging it above my bed.

I appreciate your patience, wit and tact.

-Understanding and cooperative (albeit horny) neighbor.

I'm going to write her back I think. Of course showing my appreciation for her thanks. It's always a good thing to bring laughter to someone! =) Then I think I may suggest a riotous game of charades! After they've had a week or two to practice of course.

3 People who coughed on a furball:

Cec said...

ROFLMFAO!!! least our new neighbor was a good sport about the whole situation LOL. blog on :)

Mollie said...

I think you meant "your" new neighbor rather than "our" lol, but yes I'm so thankful she was a good sport and able to see the humor in the situation rather than being grumpy and rude about it!!

cecil said...

yes i ment Your lol