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Friday, March 07, 2008

Miss Clairol.. you know Uncle Ben's cousin?

Today is a bright sunny day. In addition to that it's Friday!!
So I thought in light of feeling happy, sunny and generally just peachy, (soft and fuzzy?) I'd post a funny memory from when I was growing up.

My little sister Theresa is six and a half (6 1/2) years younger than I. She's smart. I swear. She however, has the tendency to at times be just about the most ditsy person I've ever met.

When I was around 23yrs old I think, which would make my sister 16 or 17, we were all hanging out in the living room at my dad & step-mom's house.

We, being me, my sister and brother and two (2) of our step-brothers.

Not sure if it will matter but to help better paint the picture here are our ages at the time of this particular "blonde" moment of Theresa's.

Mollie - 23 ~ me
Shaun - 17 or 18 ~ step-brother
Theresa -16 or 17 ~ my sister
Anthony - 13 ~ my brother
Blake - 14 ~ step-brother

Well Theresa had as usual said something totally off the wall that had all of us looking at her like, I'm sorry, huh? first day with a new brain?

I don't remember what it was she said, but after we all realized that we, nor she would be able to figure out any idea what it was she was talking about the following conversation took place.

Mollie: Theresa, you need to give Miss Clairol a call girl!

Theresa: Who?

The boys & I all look at each other, then at Theresa, then at each other again & the fun began.

Mollie: You know Theresa.. Miss Clairol!

Theresa: Why do I need to see her.. I don't even know who that is!

**Just in case you lived in a cave somewhere most of your life, or your parents kept you in a cage under the stairs and you've never managed to see a TV. Miss Clairol is one of the oldest hair dye brands on the planet. Cave women colored their back hair with Miss Clairol before the Ice Age.

Back to the fun!

Shaun: Theresa, you know Miss Clairol... she's Uncle Ben's cousin!

Theresa: Who the heck are you people talking about. I don't have an Uncle Ben!!

She's getting a little frustrated now, but only because she doesn't "know" the people we're talking about. She has no idea we're making fun of her.

Mollie: Great Uncle Ben! Betty Crocker's brother Theresa.. c'mon!

Theresa: looking confused

Anthony: Theresa you know Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima, we had them over for breakfast a few weekends ago.

Mollie: Well do you remember their daughter Sara Lee? Surely you remember her?!?

Theresa: NO!!! I don't know any of those people, and I still don't understand why I need to go see some Miss Clairol anyway!

At this point we were all on the floor rolling, holding our stomachs in pain, tears streaming down our faces from laughing so hard.

We finally couldn't go on any more, well we ran out of brand names or we probably would have tried, and I told her who "Miss Clairol" was and why she needed to go see her. She's continued to have "blonde" moments over the years, though none as memorable as that one.

For those of you who are thinking "No way this isn't real.. you made that all up."

I kid you not. That was the exact conversation. We still pick on her about it to this very day.

Us: Hey Theresa.. your blonde is showing..

Theresa: Oh shut up!

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