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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dear Anonymous...

I suppose it was inevitable, that it was only a matter of time before those who accused me of being "judgmental" finally got around to doing some judging of their own. I have gasp received my first batch of I guess you could call it blog hate mail, or just some really nasty comments from people who seem to think they know me from reading a couple of my posts, but aren't brave enough to leave their name along with their nastiness.

My last two blog posts "Johnny Earl, Where's Your Teeth" and "Who Pissed in Your Grits", have, it seems, gotten some bloomers in a dither (per Webster:a state of flustered excitement or fear). I'm going to address some comments and clarify others in this post then this will be the last time I talk about it. By the way.. to the anonymous commenter who asked who pissed in MY grits. You sort of proved my point by not getting it. The angry commenters are who's grits have been pissed in. My grits are fine. :-)

~For some reason my dislike of the general attitude of the south & Mississippi in general seems to have led some to believe I lack "religion".

  • I have a very close and personal relationship with God. We talk almost daily. I go to church fairly regularly. A church that I can pretty accurately say is about 95% African American. A church that has close to 4,000 members. I'm white. You do the math.
  • I don't have a problem with people being spiritual or being Christians. I am a Christian, saved when I was 13, born again and filled with the Holy Spirit when I was 25.
  • I DO have a problem with "religion" teaching that there is only one way to worship God, one way to live, one way to act, one way to be and that all other ways are wrong. I have a problem with churches teaching their members that it's OK to tell someone they're an abomination for their lifestyle and that they're going to hell if they don't live the way "that church" has taught it's members is the "right way". God is about love, not judgement. The job of Christians is to show love to everyone REGARDLESS of how they dress, act, live, or love. If God has a problem with something they do, you showing them love can guide them to Him and HE'LL show them the right way. You're human just like they are. What exactly makes you think YOU'RE right?

~The first two nasty comments happened to "stumble" across my blog within about 5 minutes of each other. Their comments were strikingly similar. One person having his/her say twice maybe?

~I don't have a problem with people having different opinions or views than I and I don't have a problem with them expressing those different views or opinions in comments on my blog. I wouldn't express my thoughts, feelings and life in general in a way that is accessible to the masses if I did, or I would simply reject comments I didn't like rather than accept them. In case you didn't figure it out silly people, or in case you didn't READ the little statement that says "this comment will post when APPROVED by the blog owner", I don't have to allow any comments on my blog. I choose to because I'm not afraid of people being different. You are entitled to your views and opinions, as am I.

~I did reject one comment, but that was because the genius with a, and I quote:

"family full of PHDs, medical doctors, attorneys,builders,savings and loan founders,politicians, judges, a lt. gov of the state."

left the comment on the WRONG POST. And they said I was, and I quote again:

"Mississippi is poor because of people like you who think they are educated but are actually dumb as dirt!"

Silly "educated with an international bunch" anonymous commenter. In case you missed it, that was another quote from the same person.

***interruption***I was just telling my roommate that I don't understand how people are not realizing that the blog post everyone is getting so frazzled over is about MY family. I mean I'm taking cracks at my family, my life, my upbringing and people are taking it personally. I mentioned the comment from mr or ms family full of college graduates up there and she says "That just goes to show that the education system was low enough to let them all through". She is not from Mississippi or the South. Ohhhh you can get mad at her now!***end of interruption***

I didn't realize dirt had any education at all. slaps forehead Ohhhh I get it.. they were saying I'm uneducated. I guess I better not mention that 3.5 GPA I had in college and I must have taken all of those honors courses so that I would think I was smart. Silly me. I suppose my "Mississippi cracker jack diploma" that I received can just go in the trash.

That last quote is one I can't quite understand. Are they trashing the south or trashing me for trashing the south, and even if it's both, umm aren't they doing the same thing? Kind of making my case for me aren't they?

I've actually had a few people who I for some reason or another thought were friends, and I use that term loosely, remove me from their friends on MySpace because of my blog post. Because THEY were offended by a post on MY blog about MY family and MY opinions. I was told I must have never been a friend because I refused to apologize that they got offended. Please excuse me for a moment, I need to go force out a tear at the loss of their fabulously understanding and accepting friendship.

Ok I'm lying. I'm not even a little sad. Maybe I'm way off base and totally wrong but if anyone should be offended by the blog I wrote shouldn't it be me? I mean damn it's my family that is coming to get togethers without their teeth. If your family has all their teeth that's super. I'm happy for you really. But this is again..just in case the offended didn't realize they were reading someone else's story, my blog about my life, my views, my experiences and my opinions. If I write about your family then you have every right to get mad. Hell it's a free country, you have every right to get mad about me writing about my family, just don't expect me to feel bad about it or apologize.

The genius from the family full of college grads also said something about Brett Favre being the biggest piece of "white trash" he or she's ever met. I'm supposing this was because I mentioned that Favre is one of the last names that I'm related to. I've personally never met Brett and I don't come from the Kiln so I can't say what kind of people he or his family are. They also said "It is a shame that you do not understand that it is not the South but your station in life". Call me crazy but ol' Brett up there.. I think his
"station in life" is pretty damn ok. How about you?

All in all I think most of the comments did more to solidify the statements in my post than they did to rebut them. But as I said before, it's a free country and each and every person in it is entitled to his or her opinions and I hold no malice or anger against those people who were brave enough to bash me for my ideas yet not brave enough to leave a name to go with their bashing. I mean it's not like I'm trying to hide who I am or am afraid of people knowing what I think. This is my blog after all. ;-)

3 People who coughed on a furball:

Anonymous said...

If you were in an honors class in a Mississippi Public School, I sure would not tell anyone about it. That is just a way to separate the whites from the blacks and, again, most of those people in honors classes from our public schools are just plain stupid. I did not say Brett Favre was white trash - as you can tell from my parentheses around that - but he sure came from trashy type folks. The proof is that he is a relative of yours. Just because he has money does not mean he has class. Just talent with his body - not his mind. Now he may be just as sweet as cane syrup. Don't know, don't care but you put his name in your blog for a reason. My suggestion to you is that you go back to Michigan and get some of their education and see where you fall in the ranks and STAY OUT OF MY STATE.
This may also be posted on wrong blog. Don't have time to wade through your silly stuff to see where it is supposed to go.

Vanessa G said...

Wow....I've been reading through all of this for the last couple of days, and I have to say, I cannot believe how out of hand it has become. In the first "chapter" about the family gathering, I was laughing my butt off because it was hilarious to me, probably because I can relate to all of it. C'mon, lighten up, we can laugh at ourselves or the funny family memebers around us, right? Who knew so many people would get thier panties in a wad and show thier true colors. NOT that I agree with ALL of the opinions later stated, but even still, it's amazing that so many are so uptight and judgemental. Who's judging who here?...and in this last I sense that Anonymous is being RACIST? Gee, I thought that was only a Mississippi thing....A**HOLE! Good grief, people..if something upsets your day this much, do or read something else!

Mollie said...

Anonymous - You talk about how crappy the MS school system is but brag about how many "educated" people in your family are FROM MS?!? Color me confused. You don't have time to find which post to comment on but you do have time to read all of them. hmm how interesting. Still no name to be left I see.

Vanessa G - I'm glad someone out there realizes it was FUNNY. =)