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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Making $$ to Blog?

So I've become a bit addicted to blogging this year. I created my google blog back in 2006 I think and blogged twice. Then didn't post again until like November of last year. Since then.. well it's not odd to find a new post on my blog several times a week.

As I've become more deeply immersed in the blogosphere I've noticed a trend on blogs that I've decided to give a shot.

Making Money to Blog

Getting paid to post advertisements on your page, link other sites, even getting paid to blog. Is this really possible you ask? I know you're asking that because I asked the same thing. Well I've decided to give it a shot. is this site where you sign up, register your blog, pick from a lengthy choice of opportunities, then you post a review on your blog about them. They PAY you to do this! From what I've seen so far monetary compensation runs anywhere from $5 to $250 and up. They pay through PayPal, which is also free to sign up for. I already had a PayPal account for ebay so all I had to do was enter my PayPal e-mail and voila!

I signed up earlier this week and it took about two days for my blog to be approved by the site and today I posted my first review. It was great because it was about a blog that I already read pretty frequently. I mean seriously.. I can sit online (which I do at work all day anyway), read blogs, surf the net then in my ever so eloquent way blog my opinion about what I've seen and make money for it? ChaChing!
It's a pretty easy site to use. The choices of things you can blog about are varied, anything from reviewing someone else's blog to checking out a website, to reviewing a new product line.
The site shows the "highest earners" by month, day and all time. Some of the highest earners for the month have made upwards of $800! To blog!
I figure I can do a post a day or a few a week and make what I would at a part time job, if not more! I'm planning to begin adoption procedings next year (if Mr. Right hasn't shown up by then!) and the extra money will most definitely help with that cost!
I'll blog more about how it's turning out as time goes, but so far I can't find a bad thing to say and would reccomend trying it out!

Check out their
blog ethics and see what you think!

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