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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Speaking of change...

I finally decided to stop whining and complaining about how out of shape I've gotten since I moved back to hell (the south) from Michigan and got my fat keister off the couch and went walking after work today.

Let me tell you something.


It's just a bit chilly outside and there was a light breeze the entire time I walked. Today was 1.37 miles. I'm starting small. One of my goals is to be able to do the Azalea Trail Run next year. It's an annual race that Mobile hosts every year (hmm isn't that what annual means Mollie) and runners from all over the world come to compete. They have a 2k walk/run and a 10k run.

I'm no Katie Holmes but I think I can pull off being able to run 1.2 miles in a years time, or at least jog/walk 6! (I did the conversion from kilometers to miles, in case you're confused)

The first picture is me in Michigan in 2003 in the best shape I've been in since high school. The second one is me this past December 2007.

I was THICK in the 1st picture. I'm ok with that.

I am FAT in the second. I'm not ok with that.

I'm perfectly happy with the fact that I'll never be "skinny" I don't have skinny genes. I'm a thick girl. At peak shape I have a very athletic figure and in the 2003 pic, I think I look damn fine if I do say so myself.

Well athletic except for the gargantuan boobs. They unfortunately remain the same no matter how much weight I lose. argh

2003 in Michigan

and this past September 2007

Seriously LOOK at the difference in my face. I had a jawline and cheekbones and eyes that weren't half hidden underneath eyelid rolls.

I've been in a real funk the past week or so and I'm not sure what finally served as the motivation to get me in gear but I'm glad it did whatever it was!

I'm blogging about this because I need to be held accountable to sticking to this. By myself and by you, my readers. Both of you. =)

I've not quite gotten brave enough to do the weightloss journal thing, where you plaster your measurments and weight online for the world to see. I'm always inspired by people who are brave enough to do that. Know that it does help people like me and others who really really want to lose weight and (for me) get back in shape. But when I do it will read something like

Bust - Equator

Waiste - line of demarcation

Hips - laugh.. snicker.. laugh.. snort (not the candy bar people c'mon!)

I will post some before, progressing and after pictures though. As soon as I find someone with a wide angle lens to take them.

So wish me luck, pray, chant, meditate.. whatever it is you do to send positive, motivational vibes my way. I'm determined that I'll get back in shape by my 33rd birthday Nov 24th. "In Shape" is a slightly relative term, but my main goal is to get back into those jeans that I have on in that first picture up there. I still have them. I think I can get them up to just above my knees.

If anyone who reads me lives in the Mobile area and would like to volunteer as a walking partner let me know! I live in a beautiful neighborhood and the walk is really quite enjoyable.

Here's to being the next "Biggest Loser"!

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cec said...

You are still beautiful as ever no matter what :)