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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to

Well technically my birthday was Nov 24th, a week ago yesterday, but I've fallen a bit behind on blogging so I'm playing catch up today.

And I did cry on my birthday. Both happy and sad tears.

Monday was an eventful day for me in a lot of ways. Some of those ways will not be blogged about, rather they will remain a private experience between me and the other person involved.

In other ways - which I will blog about - I received flowers for the very first time in my life. ~ Happy tears.

It was also the last time I saw PT before he departed to Japan the following Thursday. ~ Very very sad tears.

We'll focus on the happy today.

A fantabulous gal I met at church a while back sent me flowers at work for my birthday. She was veery veery sneaky too, I had no idea.

Here are the flowers and I. Both smiling.

Today is Tuesday, a full week and a day later and they are still happy and smiling at me on my desk. The first picture turned out a bit blurry so I carried them into my bosses office (he gets great light from outside!) and took a better picture.

Life might not always be roses, but when you have friends like this.. you still end up smelling like flowers.

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