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Friday, December 12, 2008

Peace on Earth and good Lord that hurt!

I acquired my second tattoo last night and I will not even try to be one of those people who say "Oh nooo it didn't hurt at allllll!".

They LIE.

It hurts, a lot. But the pain is only temporary.

People get tattoos for different reasons. Some like the art, some select a picture that connects them to a special time or person in their life, some get drunk and wake up with a half naked chic on their chest, and some choose a word or phrase that has special meaning. I fall into the latter category.

I got my first tattoo in July of 2001. My sister had just turned eighteen and she, I, our step-brother, my ex-fiance, and his brother all went together with her to get her first tattoo. My ex-fiance is covered in tattoos. That's actually what he does for a job now and from what I understand he and a friend just opened a shop in Michigan.

While we were waiting for my sister to have her tattoo drawn, Lazeras (the ex-fiance's screen-name) and I decided that we wanted to get one too so we started looking through books. Now I've never been one of those silly females who will run and get a guys name inked on her boob or posterior - my apologies if you are, no offense intended - so the decision to get a 'matching' tattoo was something I did not step into lightly.

Love, faithfulness, each others names ~ are all things that you couldn't pay me to get permanently inked on my body. So we decided - ok I decided - to go with something that, in the event that we didn't make it, could have an alternate meaning. I also picked the place we would get them, on the back of our necks, so I could choose whether mine is visible or not. I'm sure his new wife just preens with joy every time he steps in front of her and she sees the mark on his neck permanently expressing his 'love' for another woman. Anyway.

So we went with the Japanese symbol for Eternal

(Rough translation - eternity)

As in, how long our love would last.

I know, I know. Gag me. But like I said, I's was a smart girl with a plan for an alternate ending.

Eternal is also the life that I have through Christ.

It is along that same thought process that I chose my 2nd tattoo.

Sar Shalom
Hebrew for 'Prince of Peace'

Last year an elder gentleman that lived in the apartments I lived in when I first moved here to Mobile lent me a book he thought I'd enjoy reading. It was called 'Praying the Names of Jesus' by Ann Spangler.

The book goes through 26 names Christ is known by and one that stood out to me most was Prince of Peace. I've mentioned in previous posts that I am a thinker. I will analyze something to absolute death, then revive it so I can think it to death again. The idea that I can just sit back and relax and have absolute Peace is almost an alien concept to me. But in actuality it's so much more than an idea. It is and can be, for anyone who chooses, an absolute reality.

There is nothing on this planet, in all of Heaven and Earth that God hasn't already seen and dealt with. So for me, Prince of Peace, serves as a reminder - a red ribbon around my finger - so to speak, that when people, things, life in general start to get to me and I begin my process of thinking myself into an absolute state of spazziness (it's my blog, I can make up words if I want to) I can look at my wrist and remember. Jesus paid it all, and all I have to do to have total Peace is trust in Him.

He was, is and always will be my Prince of Peace.

My friend Matthew went with me to offer moral support. Ok, he really went so he could laugh at me if I cried, but hey that's what friends are for right? I didn't laugh, but I did have to try awfully hard to refrain from letting loose a few choice words so he got a laugh or two in anyway.

Matthew is a relatively new friend I met on OKCupid. He is one of the 3 fellas I mentioned in a previous post that were better suited to 'friend' category than 'date' and I have to say I am glad he's content to fill those shoes. So far he's been a pretty good friend and I'm happy to have him around.

So here are a few pictures of the process. Thank you Matt (not to be confused with Matthew) of Royal Street Tattoo for my newest art piece.

A shiny ink free wrist - the 'canvas'

Me and Matthew

Matt - the artist who funny enough does kind of resemble Matthew

The template and finished product

This morning - not so red and puffy anymore!

You can't really tell from the pictures here, but the 'letters' are outlined in black and filled in with light blue with white highlights. Since the symbols are so small Matt suggested I just have them completely filled in, but I wanted to be complicated (I know you're so suprised!) and have some color. I may eventually go with his suggestion and have it filled in later but I'll wait a while and see how it settles after it heals to see.

Some may wonder why I chose the location ~ well there are dual reasons. One, is because I'd like to find the translation of 'My Provider' and have it done on my right wrist. But the deeper and more personal reason is having it on my wrist serves as a symbol of just what Jesus voluntarily went through so I could have that Peace I so often struggle with. In light of that, anything I might face seems kind of like small potatoes.

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Ella said...

Absolutely inspiring. I have long wanted to get a "Jesus fish" made of thorns on my side. One day I'll have the $ and the courage to get something so big done. I've got three others already but they are relatively small - and yes, they hurt like a muther to have done (top of foot, inside ankle/heel, shoulder blade). Yours looks wonderful!