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Monday, October 20, 2008

It's like butt floss

It seems that finally, after 5 years of self imposed isolation, my social life is finally beginning to blossom.

Several months ago I signed up on this site called It's basically a site that helps transplants, people who are new in a city, meet other transplants and locals. Kind of like a new friend finder service. Well I signed up on this Mobile group and ended up going on a few outings the group leader set up.

We met for dinner at this fantastic little Asian restaurant one night, got together for a few games of pool another, then had a dinner and a movie night. Well Luna, the lady who set up the group thought she was being transferred for work so she closed it and my socializing kind of hit a dead end.

Yay for flaky business plans - she isn't being transferred after all and she messaged me on myspace last week to invite me to a get together with a couple other gals. I tell you the invite couldn't have come at a better time. With the stress of the PT situation, feeling bummed about just not being able to connect with anyone else, and a plethora of other crap going on I really needed a night out.

So I headed out to Luna's, where I re-met Jennifer (she'd been at a couple of the previous get togethers), and Patty - a super funny and cute chic with dimples like mine. We sat and chatted about our experiences with online dating, all 4 of us are on Plentyoffish, ate pizza, and topped off the evening with a few hilarious hours of Taboo.

I'd never played before, but I have to tell you, I rock at that game. If Patty had been a better score keeper; she kept forgetting to write down our points when the other team used words they shouldn't have lol, we would have totally kicked Luna & Jennifer's butts! As it was we only lost by a few points, but we did get the best round of the night with my crafty description of roof top weaving which led to Patty guessing the word thatch - then her genius connection from that to Margaret Thatcher.

Oh - about the title of this post, that was Patty's description for the word Thong. :)

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