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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Ready, set, learn!

I've received my books in the mail.

I've set up my desk at home.

I've got 5 days until classes officially begin.

And I am about half way into full fledged 'OMG I'm actually going back to school, what if I don't remember how to study, or do homework, or..or..or!' panic mode.

It almost seems surreal. It's taken me ten years to finally get to where I feel ready to go back to college. I'm really excited, but at the same time I'm also really very nervous.

What if I don't have the capacity for memory recall that I did when I was younger, what if I really need the stimulus of actual in class discussion, what if, what if, what if.

I guess it's normal to be a little anxious. I mean even when we were kids, the first day of a new year held the stigma of the unexpected. What teachers will I have, will I like my classes, will I meet and make new friends, will the cafeteria finally serve decent food for lunch?

I think even more awe inspiring than the actual going back to school part is the idea that in a little less than 4 years I will have a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. I will be a college graduate. The first in my immediate family.

If you've thought about going back to school and don't think you have the time for traditional classes, I really encourage you to check into online learning. There are many accredited online colleges to choose from. I chose Virginia College because they also have a local campus here in Mobile, so if I decided I really want and can make time for the classroom experience I can make an easy transition.

I know not every program of study can be done online, but you'd be surprised at how many actually can. Heck you can become an ultrasound technician online, or a teacher, or a master of graphic design. The possibilities are endless!

Knowledge IS Power. Educate Yourself!!

2 People who coughed on a furball:

Matt said...

good luck with school!

I have no good advice because I hated every second of school...but good luck!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on school!

Be careful with Virginia College though. They told me they were "accredited" and I basically wasted two years and $16,000 with that school. When I "earned my degree" and started the job hunt, I was told by numerous companies that they didn't consider a degree from VC to be anything more than a piece of paper. I tried to enroll in a state university and to my surprise, none, I repeat none of the classes I had taken at VC were transferable. I had to retake EVERY SINGLE CLASS.

Before you waste time and a lot of money, call around (not to VC) but to different companies that require a BS you'd be interested in working for and ask them if a BS degree from VC is accepted by them. And call other major universities in your area and ask them if they'll transfer hours from VC to their university.

I wish I had done more research before I dove in.

Good luck to you.