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Friday, October 10, 2008

Can't buy me love

So the search for ‘the one’ continues; Mr. Right, my knight in shining armor, my one true love.

There are a few guys currently in the ‘chat pile’. Meaning over the past week or two I’ve been talking to them either online on messenger or through text and phone calls.

So far we’re just ‘chatting’. Not yet moved on to actual ‘meeting’.

I’m noticing a trend though. The guys to whom I’m physically attracted – suck at conversation. I get a lot of you’re so pretty, and… well that’s about it. Talking to them is like trying to pull teeth. This one guy insists on calling rather than texting, but once we get on the phone he just sits there, like dum de dum. He’s absolutely adorable, but we just don’t seem to have anything to talk about.

Then there are the guys who give really great conversation. We can talk for extended periods of time about multiple topics and conversation just flows. Some of them are cute, in a ‘eh he’s cute’ kind of way, but there’s no physical spark, at least on my end. I know you can only tell so much from a picture, but when it comes to stuff like that I think some times you just can tell if there’s something there, something more than a potentially good friend.

Then there are the guys like my Puerto Rican friend over in MS who in spite of their vocalized interest in ‘getting to know me’ are, I really think only interested in hooking up. And I’m just not a ‘hook up’ kind of gal.

So far there has only been one guy I’ve encountered via the world of internet dating that really just sparked my interest in both a physical and mental kind of way – heck in an every kind of way, and that was PT. PT and I have recently begun talking again, but that is another blog for another day.

I thought maybe I just wasn’t on the right dating sites so I checked out this morning. I keep seeing ads for them on myspace and other sites so I thought I’d give it a try. Like most sites it’s completely free to sign up, and you can even
search for free. But that's where the freedom ends.

You spend twenty minutes taking all of these personality profiles; what kind of communicator am I, what kind of sex do I like, am I ready to commit, then you have to pay to send a message to someone. Maybe I haven't hit that particular point of desperation, but I'm just not willing to pay for a date. I weakened once and did a one month membership on yahoo personals and got doodoo results. So for now I'll stick with the freebies.

Hey, I met PT on a free site - maybe if I hold out long enough I'll find another one like him who actually is ready for a serious relationship.

Here's hoping!


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