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Monday, July 28, 2008

License to Dream a Little Dream about some Lost Boys

Unless you spent the latter part of the 80's in a box, under a rock, in Kazakhstan, you may pick up that the title of this post is a throw back to three very popular movies. Movies which starred two actors who were, during that time dreamily known to every girl between the age of 8 and 18 as "The Coreys".

The movies were License to Drive, Dream a Little Dream, and The Lost Boys.

The actors were Corey Haim and Corey Feldman.

Every girl had a favorite. I was madly in crush with Corey Haim.

Fast forward about 10 years, a few run-ins with the law, some pretty bad drug habits, significant weight gain/loss, a wedding on a surreality show and you land in 2008, where apparently the world finds itself incomplete without a regularly available dose of The Coreys. So in an effort to rectify our need, the producers of total and complete garbage Breaking Bonaduce, called up the boys, offered them jobs pitched them an unbelievably fantastic idea and viola! we find ourselves blessed with The Two Coreys.

If you've yet to be fortunate enough to hear about this marvel of cinematic genius, it airs on A&E, Sunday nights 10/9c.

As much as I should be embarrassed that I watch this, I'm not. I was a huge fan of all movies featuring The Coreys, Dream a Little Dream and The Lost Boys being my favorite. Although that may have more to do with thinking the chic, Meredith Salenger in Dream a Little Dream and Jason Patrick from The Lost Boys were both very very hot.

Anyway, we were talking about Haim and Feldman so let's get back to them shall we.

Both of the boys have had a rough time with childhood stardom. Corey Feldman, however, seems to have been able to shake off the bad habits a bit more successfully than his partner in movie mahem Corey Haim. He also has without out a doubt aged better. Which makes me a little bummed, because Haim was most definitely the cuter of the two.

Some comparisons...

Let's start with Feldman.

Then... and now...

Ok now let's see some Haim progression

Then... and now..

And together now, side by side!

I mean he's not completely unattractive.. I guess, but a hard life has not done him any favors in the looks department.

And if the "reality" of The Two Coreys is to be believed, it's done its fair share of damage in just about every other area of his life as well.

I was watching one of the new episodes weekend before last. It was Valentine's on the show (it seems I'm a bit behind) and Haim was having a hard time with being single on the holiday of love.

He's been seeing a therapist on the show and she tells him that he's self-sabotaging, only going out with gals who he knows will either let him down, or are only interested in him because he is used to be famous. She says he does this so he doesn't have to "show up" and "step into the fullness of who he can be". If it didn't sound like an exact diagnosis of why my own social life is in the crapper I'd say rubbish.

Anyway, while he's sitting there listening to this therapist tell him why he's basically a loser, he just looks so lost and forlorn that I find myself saying, to the TV, "I'll go out with you Corey!" " I'll give you a big hug and tell you that you're still worth something!"

Of course this is only a product of the wonder of "reality" TV drawing me in. In every episode I've seen, he's shown himself to be an irresponsible, crude, asshat who drinks excessively, suffers from projectile word vomit at the most innapropriate times and smokes like a chimney. In "real life" I wouldn't go out with him either. But I still feel for the super cute kid he once was.

Damn childhood stardom!

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