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Friday, July 11, 2008

Denial (a part of the Mind Ripper Story)

I woke up this morning disoriented, confused and out of sorts.
Something wasn’t as it should be, the puzzle was missing some parts.
Dazed and sleepy eyed, I struggled to awake.
Trapped in slumber by a bad dream I couldn’t seem to shake.

As I wiped the sleep from my eyes the truth came flooding in.
On my bedside table sat your picture, God I love that sexy grin.
Memories came crashing back of the events of yesterday.
I didn’t dream it after all, you had taken your love away.

We’d had fights before and said things we didn’t mean.
He doesn’t really mean it, inside my head I screamed.
Like all the other broken fences, surely this one will mend.
I can make it through this day. Before we break we bend.

With this thought in my head and hope clutched in my heart.
I sat up, go out of bed and willed the day to start.

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