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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Mind Ripper - Chapter 8

Well they took him off to a far away place
where I couldn’t even visit him
A future that once looked so very bright,
was now looking very dim

Nightly phone calls were what I lived for
Just to hear his loving voice if only once more
I found a very good job, went to work each day
And every night when I got home I'd beg the Lord and pray

Please Jesus if I’ve ever done one thing right
It was to find this man, this angel, my sunshine, my light
If you can’t bring him back to me before his time is through
Give me strength to make it, something to hold on to

Shortly after came the backaches and leg pains
And I suddenly noticed the little weight I’d gained
I did the math with a calendar’s help and boy my mind went wild
For if my calculations were correct, I was now with child

He called that night and I said I had news to share
"You’re pregnant,” he said, before I said a word, "I sure wish I was there"
He always had this uncanny knack to know me inside and out
For him to know what I just learned was God at work, no doubt

We talked about baby names, and laughed until we cried
But stress from him being gone must have got the best of me,
for the same week I found out, was the week our baby died.

To have to endure the pain of loss with out his support
Any resemblance of happiness soon did I abort
He knew what happened just like before, before I said a word
"I love you" he said, "it will be ok, the mysterious work of the Lord"

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