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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mind Ripper - Chapter 5

I awoke the next morning eyes swollen from tears cried
I just couldn’t imagine my life without him; no matter how hard I tried
I volunteered to take him to the bus station to send him on his way
There's no verse to explain how I felt when to me not a word did he say

As we get in the car and go on our way
Only one thing to me over and over did he say
Why are you doing this to me?

See he blamed me for telling my mom when I was troubled
When talking to her only made the stress double
Come away with me he begged, I can’t live without you
Pack up again I asked, is that what you would have me do?

For the third time, leave everything I know,
my job, and family and friends
Yes he said, that's what it will take
to make this relationship mend

Start over on strike number 3,
or try not to die as I watch him leave me
Oh Lord what choices are these you give
You know without him I could not possibly live

But to start over and over and over again will it ever stop
Will we find our place together, ever come out on top
Decisions decisions, what do I do,
do I stay do I go I wish I knew

So back to our adorable little home, to pack and pack some more
Leaving behind more history, on this chapter closing the door

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