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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Mind Ripper - Chapter 11

With my heart in shreds and a bruise on my cheek
I tried to make it through out the week
We didn’t talk, we didn’t touch
We didn’t laugh, we didn’t love

This lasted for what seemed like forever
I just knew we’d always be together
First he lost his job, and then I lost mine
Yet on the outside everything looked just fine

While I was dying a slow agonizing death in my heart
He was wishing for another new start
When I didn’t think I could take anymore
He came knocking on my hearts door

He said he loved me and he was sorry
He didn’t mean to hurt me or make me worry
He wished he could take it all away, the hate and hurtful things
And especially the slap, I still could feel its sting

I love him more than my life, but how could I be sure
That this event would not repeat itself, that his love for me was pure
So much hurt, so many questions could I forgive and forget
We’d caused each other so much pain, there was that and yet

When I looked in my heart, I saw the truth, and what was meant to be
I was the one meant for him, and he was meant for me
So once again we mended our love so many times torn and broken
We would move on and try again, it was so, our hearts had spoken

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