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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Mind Ripper - Chapter 4

As the bus pulls into the station,
I see him waiting, my God's creation
All the fear and nerves fade as abruptly as they began;
I step off the bus and give him my hand.

Home we go to start our new life,
home with this man, who'll one day call me wife
Things started out wonderfully,
everything will work out, I tell you you'll see

But in a small town he lived
and work was hard to find
The longer I looked the less I found,
doubts invaded my mind

No problems he says, only solutions,
cast out your doubt, that devil's pollution
One month later we packed up our things,
on to another place, a second new beginning

We tried his home and nothing panned out,
so back to my stomping ground did we scout
For my home was much larger and offered much more
So once again, there I went knocking on employments door

Work was found and an cute little apartment
Things were going great, luck seemed heaven sent
Then came a lesson I learned very hard
A new relationship won’t work with mom in your back yard

See we lived very close to my mother
And fond she was of saying we weren't meant for each other
Harp harp, nag nag, went my mother day in and day out
It started to wear on me, and at my love did I shout

Her yelling at me, me yelling at him
a vicious circle did we weave
Then came the day I never thought to see,
he said he had to leave

No more could he take of the constant harassing,
what was he saying, this leaving me thing
It had gotten so bad he'd almost lost control,
our constant fighting had taken its toll

A hole in the wall, he punched it right through
With tears in his eyes he said, that could have been you
He couldn’t take the chance you see,
he couldn’t live if he ever hurt me

I couldn’t understand, what wrong did I do,
I'll never make it, I can't live without you
And once again great packing was done,
no more smiles, laughter and fun

My angel was going away from me;
this of course caused my mother much glee
The night before he was to go away,
at my mothers alone did I stay

You see my mother had called the apartment manager
And made up this story about his uncontrollable anger
They banned him from the property,
and my love they wouldn’t let me see

In the middle of the night out side I crept,
to sit under our window and quietly wept

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