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Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Spirit - an epilogue to the Mind Ripper Story

Sitting in the pew listening to the talk
Trying hard to find the nerve to get up and take that walk
If you want to go, I'll walk with you says my friend to me
Such a short walk, but seems so long it's worth it to be free

The first step is the hardest they get easier as I go
Just a few more steps to take to find relief I know
What's wrong dear child the pastor says as he takes my hand
I'm tired and sad and oh so weary I seek the promise land

What is your name he asks Mollie, I reply
Everyone pray for Mollie he says May the Lord give her wings with which to fly
A crowd gathers round me and many hands are laid
Free her from life's prison Lord so many people prayed

The tingles started in my fingers and went down to my toes
Then came the healing of the Lord like I'd seen on the TV shows
Jolts of electricity surging through my being
If I weren’t experiencing it myself I wouldn't believe what I was seeing

Shock after shock washed over me heat surged through my earthly shell
The Lord was working on my soul oh yes He was working well!
Unable to stand or even speak they guided me to the floor
And all the pain and weariness I'd felt just burst out my hearts closed door

Trembling lips muttering words I did not know
A perfect prayer to The Holy Ghost as pure as freshly fallen snow
How long I lay there I do not know I tried to rise time and time again
But the Lord was not yet done with me just lie still said my friend

When the Spirit was finally done cleansing my heart and soul
For the first time in a long time I felt complete and whole
When I thought I couldn't go on and would die from a broken heart
Was when the Lord stepped in and took over and gave me a new start.

To God be the Glory for He is truly divine
And in your darkest hour He's your best friend and mine.
Each Day is a Gift from God. That's why they call it "The Present"

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