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Thursday, July 31, 2008

I like to start my day with....

A little phone sex.

Not really, that's just how this morning happened to start off.

It's 6:10am and my cell phone rings. I put it on my desk, which is across the room from my bed, at night to charge. So I'd just hit the snooze button on my alarm and was right on the cusp of that deep, restorative sleep that you can only get in a 7 minute snooze and am jarred awake by Nocturnal, some kind of boogie ring tone on my phone.

I crawl out of bed, rubbing my eyes, and shuffle over to the desk, unplug it from the charger, flip it open, push a button and say




Girls voice in the background: Oh, Oh, OH yea!

Umm Hello?

Like that oh baby, uh huh, mmm


Oh ahh yes, yes, yeasss

I hang up.

I'm trudging my way back to bed when it rings again.


Guys redneck hillbilly draw: Uh Why'dja hang up for?

Who is this?

No reply

I'm more than a little peeved now. I was really really looking forward to 14 more minutes of snoozing.

Um hello, who is this?

I...I uhh I didn't call the wrong number did I?

Well I suppose that depends on who you were trying to call now doesn't it?

Sooo.. who is this and who were you trying to call?

I guess if yore asking who I am then I probably got the wrong number... You didn't happen to uhh hear umm anythang.... didja?

You mean that BAD imitation of sex going on in the background? No I didn't hear that.

Aww man.. I'm so embarrassed.

Yea well it's 6 freaking am. Go be embarrassed with someone else.


1 People who coughed on a furball:

Matt said...

Wow. Really?

That should teach him to make sure he dials the right number