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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Mind Ripper - Chapter 6

To the bus station we went, once and once again,
Where we were headed to, we didn't yet have a plan
900 miles away was where his heart was at
Michigan was where he was reared, a northerner imagine that

So the ticket purchases were made
and a note I left my mother
We’re running away, to try love again,
we won’t part, we love each other

With the keys hid under the seat,
at the station I left her car
Her number I left with the attendant,
he said he'd give her a call

We boarded the bus together, arm in arm we sat
And away we went on our new journey, can you imagine that
24 hours it took to reach out destination
It would be a day to soon, if I never saw another bus station

A brand new state, a brand new day,
a brand new start, a brand new way
A fresh new slate to start all over,
with my life, my heart, my friend and my lover

Not knowing where we would stay, he called upon his sister
Hi sis I’m back in town, and I’ve brought with me a visitor
She’s my girl, or as they say in the "D" my old lady
In the middle of downtown Detroit we stood, Lord have I gone crazy

With my life I trusted him and he wouldn’t let me down
Even though I’d never been in such a place as this "D town"
A small town southern girl, ready to take on the big city

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