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Monday, July 14, 2008

I Want (a part of the Mind Ripper Story)

Roses are red, violets are blue, life is a joke but what can you do.
Give your love, you think it’s returned, open your heart only to get burned.
Center your world around that “special” one
In the blink of an eye they’re out having fun…

With someone else.

You’re left with nothing, no reason to live.
You gave them your soul and what did they give?
13 months of undying love and complete devotion,
Then he tramples your heart leaving you void of emotion.

Life sucks and so do you. I’m sick of feeling so blue.
Where is God’s mercy and why can’t He see,
That without you, there is only half of me.
I want my baby boy back in my arms.
I want him holding me safe from all harm.

I want that special name he called only me.
I was his Brutiful baby girl you see.
I want to sit on the beach with my love
and watch fireworks in the sky above.

Just like we did the year before.
I want his love now more than ever before.
But no he’s got this other chic now,
I hope she’s an ugly stupid cow.

I hope she breaks his heart into millions of tiny shards,
And scatters them over hundreds of yards.
So he knows how I feel broken and torn,
unable to feel love, only scorn.

I want him back and I want him back NOW!
Live without him? I just don’t know how.
I don’t want to learn to be on my own.
I don’t want to hear his voice on the phone.

I want him with me where he belongs.
I want to dance to our favorite songs.
I want him to love me like he did before,
before I let him walk out of the door.

I want him to know I’m so very sorry.
I never meant to cause him to hurt or to worry.
I promise if he would just give me a chance,
I’d do everything to bring back our romance.

Even with the Spirit and the love of the Lord,
I’d still give anything to hear those three words.
From my love, my life, my soul and my heart,
I’m begging you please give us a new start.

No problems, only solutions was what he always said.
Such belief in his love he put in my head.
Once he told me after a fight,
no matter what’s wrong, he can make it right.

We’ll just keep on beginning again,
to us there will never be an end.
But he lied and he went away and now I am left,
never in my life have I felt so bereft.

Please give me another try, Please tell me it wasn’t a lie….
When you said you loved me

Written 6/26/2001

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