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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Mind Ripper - Chapter 12

Once again we packed up our things and started out anew
With no plan that we could see or idea what we would do
Back to the Mississippi we went, back to where I called home
Hoping that after this journey, we no more would roam

In less than one year’s time we had lived in 4 different places
Different homes, different jobs, different friends and faces
His parents had a little apartment that no one was living in
So we decided that this was where we would once again begin

A former chicken coup turned into housing was what we arrived at
Crawling with bugs and spiders, who me, live in that?
My father lived not far, a 45-minute drive away
While I was more than welcome, my love could not stay

So we parted ways for the first time since the day we met
With plans for weekends together, surely no reason to fret
Our plans didn't work out as hoped and visits became sparse
What had once been a dream come true was quickly becoming a farce

A phone call here, a visit there and many tears in between
This turn in our relationship could not have been foreseen
In an effort to establish a concrete base I got an apartment with my sister
The reaction I got from my love for this, was more ravaging a twister

He felt like I was moving on and leaving him behind
Did he not know my love for him, how could he be so blind
I was trying to make a home for us, a place to call our own
However this was not to be, for my sister was casting stones

As families are want to do when a loved one is thought to be in danger
My sister had taken a dislike to my love, and toward him felt great anger
With great aplomb and ado she made her claim cloud and clear
"This is my apartment too and he is not staying here!"

Faster and bigger they came at us, one roadblock after another
Had the stars lied, been mistaken, were we not meant to be with each other?
We’d been together eight months, seen more trials than most in as many years
We’d laughed and loved, we'd hated and screamed and shed oh so many tears

What was to become of us, of my love, and me, were we to prove everyone right?
Could I possibly imagine my life alone, without him holding me through out the night?

I could not

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