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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Mind Ripper - Chapter 9

With the weight of loss on my heart and his absence on my mind
The happiness I once had felt was now hard to find
Into a deep depression I soon quickly fell
Life without my love was simply living hell

The days they went by in a haze
My heart had become numb and dazed
Each night I’d wait for his call to come
And each night I’d wish that he was home

How much more of his absence could I take
Before my will to live did break
For he had become my reason for life
My cure for daily sorrows and strife

And now when I needed him most of all
I could only have him in a phone call
Finally the day came for my love to return to me
His beautiful face I could not wait to see

They sent him home on a greyhound bus,
Is it just me or do bus stations seem the life of us
I sat awaiting his arrival
His return was necessary for my survival

To try and explain the unadulterated joy when his face I saw at last
To know that all the pain I faced alone would now come to pass
With tears in our eyes we walked toward each other
Knowing we would never feel this love for another

In his arms he wrapped me, safe and warm
All was right my love had come home

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