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Friday, July 04, 2008

Mind Ripper - Chapter 7

His sister came and picked us up,
with her we could stay.
Until we got on our feet,
until we made our way

One week went by and the shit it hit the fan
Pulled over on our way home from an interview and his license the officer ran

An arrest warrent for skipping a years old court date
How I wish that I had known, too little much too late
Simple assault he'd been arrested for,
a fight last year with his brother
Had she been right all along,
should I have listened to my mother?

I watched in disbelief as the around his wrists the officer placed the cuffs
Inside I screamed God, God why!?! Hadn’t we been through enough?
Lost in a place I knew nothing about I somehow made my way home
Well to the house of his sister that is, Lord, did I feel so alone

He called me from jail, not long after I got back
Its worse than you think he said, don't have a heart attack
You see honey, I have these old tickets for no license or insurance
I left the state without paying my fines, and I’m sort of in a mess

They held him in a tiny cell
until he could see the judge
They wouldn’t let me see him,
I pushed but they didn’t budge

I sat in the courtroom when his time came to plea his case
He seemed so sure of getting out; such a smile was on his face
To his surprise it didn’t quite work out that way

The judge sentenced him to 30 days;
after court was over I drove home in a daze
I hadn’t even been able to touch him
Now chances of him coming home were suddenly slim

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