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Monday, July 07, 2008

Mind Ripper - Chapter 10

Now would be the time for the happy ending
The happy ever after we should be spending
But believe it or not after all we’d been through
The tragedies to come were something completely new

In a four-bedroom house we lived with a family of four
His sister, her three children but wait there is more
To add to that was a live in brother
I soon found out was worse than my mother

To put seven people in one house
Was like before a cat dangling a mouse
Trouble was sure to make itself known
The face of uncontrollable rage, I’d soon be shown

To have been reared in the south was to be taught manners and respect
These were things people in the north simply didn’t get
Children ages 10 through 14 smoking and cussing
With no regard to their mother’s fussing

To put a southern girl in this environment
Was like putting an egg in a square hole, it simply didn’t fit.
Strain and feeling out of place quickly took its toll
The tattle tale, "bitcher", I was given this role

And to escape his family’s wrath,
Constant absence became my love’s path
Out all night every night, hanging with his boys
Leaving me dangling like some old broken toys

In a vicious pattern we became engaged
And more and more were we both enraged
Me mad at him for leaving me alone,
Him mad at hearing my bitches and moans

The word hate was thrown around
The love we once had was no where to be found
It finally came to a horrible halt,
with each saying it was the others fault

We got in a fight, once and again,
and then he did it, he raised his hand
And hit me hard across my face,
my brain zoned into outer space

As blood trickled from my ear,
down my cheek ran a tear
For I knew that this was the end,
I could never feel the same again

I now feared that which once I loved more than my own life
No longer would come the day that I would be called wife
I screamed my hate and anger and disbelief
No words could fully describe my grief

It’s over he yelled, I’m done with you
Drop dead I screamed, it’s over we’re through
And I closed my eyes and then cried
Feeling inside like I had just died

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